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Experience the transformative power of ContactCenterAi, ElectrifAi’s state-of-the-art, ML-powered contact center suite of solutions for agents, supervisors, and managers. Elevate agent productivity, transform CX, and boost revenue and profitability with speed and scale.

No more investing millions of dollars and waiting for months and years for uncertain results. Here’s a cutting-edge solution that guarantees 5x ROI in just 6–8 weeks. And the best part—zero KPIs achieved, zero payments done!

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Here’s what you’ll discover in this session:
What is ContactCenterAi?
Gain a comprehensive overview of the ContactCenterAi solution and its features.
Automatic Call Summarization
Watch how to reduce average call handling time by 10% to enhance productivity.
100% Call Scoring
Learn how to evaluate call handling quality uniformly and consistently for 100% of the calls.
Real-Time Sentiment Analysis
Discover how to measure customer satisfaction levels via call interaction analysis.
Business-Specific Call Reason
Explore how to automatically identify the reason and disposition behind calls, allowing prompt corrective actions.
Deploying ContactCenterAi
Find how to seamlessly integrate ContactCenterAi into your existing setup in just 6-8 weeks, minimizing costs, migration efforts and training.
Questions and Answers
Got any questions or concerns on ContactCenterAi? Our SMEs will be more than happy to address them.

Why should I choose ContactCenterAi?

  • Advanced analytics to enhance call center performance
  • Ensure 100% call coverage; not just a few samples
  • Leverage the power of AI/NLP instead of fixed rules
  • Get guaranteed 5x ROI in 6-8 weeks and pay only when KPIs are met