ElectrifAi's ContactCenterAi unlocks data insights with the power of AI and ML to drive improved customer satisfaction, higher efficiency, consistent agent performance, and better-equip agents to handle anticipated issues. ContactCenterAi generates valuable insights that create training opportunities and real-time corrective actions to enhance the overall customer experience

Call Summary

Call summary for 100% of the calls with 50% average call wrap-up time saved to achieve higher productivity and better, consistent documentation for efficient resolution.

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Call Scoring

Call scoring for 100% of the calls with a consistent and uniform assessment of call handling quality to help identify areas of improvement and promote best practices.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis of call interactions with agents to provide valuable insights into customer satisfaction levels, enabling real-time corrective actions to enhance the overall customer satisfaction.

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Call Reason

Capture highly accurate and unbiased multi-tiered reasons for each customer call to dive deeper into customer needs, motivations, and pain points and proactively address recurring issues.

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Trending Topics

Trending topics are automatically extracted from calls to train and equip agents with the knowledge to address anticipated issues effectively.